What autism family support do you need?

Autism Family Support Needs Survey

The online Autism 101 For Families Beta class is enrolling starting May 15th! This class is all about empowering families to raise happy, authentic autistic kids through understanding, accepting, and supporting autism.

In this three week class, you’ll learn the foundations to understanding, accepting, and supporting your autistic kid – and by extension, all autistic people.

If you’re already on the list to enroll, that’s awesome. If not, you can sign up here.

While we’re finishing things up for the class, we’re also making plans for the future. We know that families of autistic kids have more needs for support than just a three week class.

This survey asks you what kind of support you need as you raise your autistic kid. We’ll use the results to create a membership service that helps the most.

Click here to take the survey.

Autistic Voices Education is founded by Rosemary Bloom (she/her), teacher of the online Autism 101 For Families class. Rosemary is a teacher and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She wants to help YOU feel good about raising happy, authentic autistic kids. Find out more about her and the company here.

Author: Rosemary Bloom

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